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Baker and miller Adri Stam passed away, mills in mourning position.

03-12-2020 Alblasserdamsnieuws

Ex-miller Adri Stam from Kinderdijk passed away on Wednesday December 2nd, 2020, at 93 years of age. For that reason, several of the windmills at Kinderdijk were already placed in the mourning position on Wednesday. Read more ►

Windmill residents hand out cards.

12-11-2018 BBC News

People that live in a set of 18th-century windmills have found a new way to protest against the extent of tourism in their Dutch village. Read more ►

Millers Kinderdijk want a drone ban because of privacy concerns.

13-10-2017 NOS nieuws

The millers of Kinderdijk are more than tired of the many drones that hover past and over their windmills. The millers state that the drones invade their privacy. That’s why they demand a ban. Read more ►

Tribute to a deceased miller

14-02-2013 Rijnmond

In 2012, miller René Verkerk passed away because of an accident in his own windmill in Kinderdijk. René was a big fan of the Hackensaw Boys and tried to spread his enthusiasm for the American band.  Watch documentary ►

Molens met kruirad Kinderdijk, wit silhouette illustratie Vincent Arnoldussen.